A few weeks ago Aafke Hof asked me to design and create a bag to hold the livery collar for the new mayor of my hometown Emmen. Amazing, such an honour! I couldn’t design an ordinary bag,yet  it had to fit the style of the collar, it had to be functional and not too showy. […]

New year, new website

A new year means a fresh start. So what better time to launch my new website than the beginning of January? I wanted a more professional look and more focus on my designs. But most important, a website that matches the Erna Schipper style: colorful, stylish and unique. This new look is perfect for the […]

Fashion is art

As an art and fashion lover, I just had to share this inspiring quote with you. Have a good day!

Photoshoot with Ron Greve

In October I had professional photographer Ron Greve take photos of my shoes and bags. Ron has a way of creating art through his photographs and he did exactly that for Erna Schipper! We decided to photograph the shoes as pieces of art. With a lot of color in the background and the same lightning he used for […]