Hello and welcome! My name is Erna Schipper and I am a crafted shoes and bags designer and maker. I’ve always been a creative person with love for art and fashion. Through the years I’ve had several professions and finished several studies, all art and fashion related. I didn’t find my passion until I started studying professional crafted shoemaking. This resulted in founding my company Erna Schipper in 2015.

I design luxury, handmade and custom-made-to-order for men and women. Every Erna Schipper design is unique, comfortable and colorful.

My work is inspired by art, cultures, beautiful landscapes and old cities. I love to travel! During my trips I try to soak up the culture as much as I can and I’m always looking for new materials, shapes and techniques.


In 2015 I founded my company Erna Schipper out of a great passion for art and fashion. Erna Schipper shoes and bags are handmade. I design and make my products in my studio in Emmen, The Netherlands. My shoes and bags are characterized by color, exceptional details and a feeling of luxury.Because every product is handmade, every shoe or bag is unique. But the ‘one of a kind’ feeling I’m always striving for also comes from the unique, innovative designs. I make the designs by myself or together with the client.Would you like you have a pair of shoes designed and made by Erna Schipper? This process always starts with measuring the feet. Every pair is custom-made-to-order for a perfect fit and a comfortable feeling throughout. Would you like to know how the process continues? Have a look at the ‘Work Process’ page.